Year 9 projects

Year 9 Art students emulate Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North.

To give the girls a better feel of 3D art forms, Mrs White has introduced the Year 9s to the work of Swiss sculpture Alberto Giacometti and also to Sir Antony Gormley, most famous for his Angel of the North public sculpture in Gateshead.

The girls examined the scale and size of different sculptures for an understanding of the concept of proportion. They were then given the task of creating their own ‘Angels of Thornton’ freestanding 3D forms made from recycled card, one reel of tape and craft scissors. Within the space of one hour, Mrs White wanted them to work in teams and also think independently and quickly, in preparation for work at GCSE level.

By the end of the academic year, the girls will be making 3D puppets from clay and wire, inspired by the work of filmmaker Tim Burton.  Their recycled sculptures is the first step on that journey.

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