Senior School Year 7

Year 7 Science students get Energy Island up and running.

Students in Year 7 are currently studying energy in Science lessons. What better way to get them thinking about different sources of energy and their effectiveness in different environments and circumstances than to get them to power up a fictitious island!

In a double lesson, Mr Smith introduced the girls to different types of energy and their pros and cons. He then asked them to apply their understanding to resource Energy Island – a pretend island with, importantly, a tropical climate, a forest and an active volcano and, of course, lots of water around it.

Working in groups, the girls had to prepare posters and put forward a business case for different forms of energy. Which two would the islanders choose?

Between them, they discussed the benefits of introducing solar and geothermal energy and debated how tidal power could work and whether biomass would be viable as an energy source.

The latter they ultimately discounted as it wouldn’t work well on the island. Although a renewable energy source, fuel from burning trees from the forest would be used more quickly than it could be replaced. The sensible solution would be to vote for a combination of geothermal and solar energy. Both would be expensive to set up but easy to maintain.


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