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Thornton introduces Robotics Club as part of its STEM curriculum.

Today marked the first Robotics Club for Thornton as part of its STEM curriculum. Senior pupils will learn how to create autonomous robots in weekly sessions and also have the opportunity for build time before school and at lunchtimes. Step by step, they will be learning how to build, programme and command their own robot, starting with the basic Track3r from the Lego Mindstorms set.

Each of the school Houses will have their own Lego robotic set, ready to compete inter-House – there’s a set for staff, too. The aim is for the school community to become skilled enough to take part in national events and, ultimately, the global science and technology competition, First Lego League (FLL).

Mr Paris has also introduced Year 8 Maths students to robotics in class, working with them to create a functioning robot form a kit. ‘This is to show the girls there is a future in Maths and Science and how they can lead to careers,’ he says. ‘It’s about opening them up to fresh opportunities and possibilities.’







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