Sport All Seniors

Senior students compete in inter-House sports events.


Every year, Senior School pupils face the challenge of inter-House sports events – hockey and cross country in the winter, netball in the spring, and rounders in the summer. This term, the girls have been playing hockey tournaments in their year groups in A and B teams. The sports department also set them the task of a run – approximately two kilometres – around the school grounds with the route circumnavigating the walled garden, the apple orchard and around the back of the church (twice!).

Students are awarded House points based on their finishing positions. The last of this term’s events took place last week and the results are now in with each year group producing a top-scoring House:


Year 7 - Tyrell
Year 8 - Cavendish
Year 9 - Tyrell
Year 10 - Cavendish
Year 11 - Tyrell

Cross country:

Year 7 - Tyrell
Year 8 - Tyrell
Year 9 - Ingleton
Year 10 - Ingleton
Year 11 - Cavendish



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