Whole School & Nursery School Event

Thornton College celebrated Harvest in a service full of music, verse, prayer and theatre.

From the opening notes of The Blue Danube Waltz by the school orchestra to the chamber choir’s stirring rendition of To Believe, friends and family enjoyed an afternoon of performances by each year group.

During dramatic presentations, song and poems, pupils gave thanks for the produce we reap from God’s earth, and reminded us how we can distribute this food to benefit those most in need.

Year 11 students performed a dramatic retelling of the Parable of the Sower. The seed – the word of God – can easily be snatched away if it is misunderstood. The sun can wilt it, birds can eat it, man can trample on it and thorns can choke it. The seed sown on good ground, however, grows strong and well and can do great things.

The Nursery children and Reception class brought a smile to the audience’s faces with a lively rendition of The Farmer Comes to Scatter the Seeds to the tune of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush. Years 1 and 2 girls, meanwhile, were a delight while singing Someone’s Brought a Loaf of Bread, reminding us how each and every one of us has been able make a contribution to the Harvest collection.

Later, Year 7s gave an energetic performance of the ballad, From a Distance, while Years 3 and 4 had written their own composition, which they delivered with humour and confidence.

The produce donated by the school’s families is given to those in need in the local area. Last year, Milton Keynes Food Bank received an amazing 230,000 food items from the community at large, a quarter of them at Harvest Time alone. They went a long way to keeping more than 6,000 people fed over the winter period. 

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