Thornton’s Year 7s spent a day off-timetable today to reflect on what it means to be compassionate.

Representatives from Bridgebuilder Trust in Milton Keynes came into school to lead discussions and group activities around the theme.

They began by discussing what it is to be compassionate and why we should be caring and understanding to each other in school and beyond.

John Donne’s poem, No Man Is An Island, focuses on the fact that no man (or woman) exists in isolation. Although written in the 17th century, its relevance still strikes a chord today. We’re made to be together as a community; we need friends and family and other people in our lives to make them full.

With this poem as the day’s starting point, the girls were encouraged to think about their place as part of an extended community. They talked about emotions, kindness in particular, and drew posters detailing the people in their lives with the most compassion.

The final challenge was to work in teams to build a shelter for a homeless bird out of recycled materials. The task helped them to learn about communication and delegation – the key to success, they realised, is often about listening to each other and bringing lots of ideas to the table together.

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