Thornton’s Head of Art Mrs White is delighted to be teaching art to Year 6 this year.

Making the most of the late summer sunshine she invited the girls to accompany her around Thornton’s beautiful grounds to gather inspiration from the natural world all around the school.

Before allowing the girls to put pencil to paper to draw the likes of trees, plants and flowers, she asked them to open their eyes wide and really look at the structure of the things they could see. ‘The danger is to draw what you think something is like, not what is there,’ she told the class. ‘You have to get used to looking at what you see, not what you think you see.’

Training their eyes, the girls examined the different shapes of leaves in the walled garden and noticed the lichen and mosses growing on shaded branches. They took samples of seed heads, thistles, flowering nettles and enormous dock leaves. Blackberries and apples they also piled into their bucket of cuttings, ready to look at and draw back in the classroom.


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