School Trip

Year 9s have been learning about Islam and the Five Pillars, which every Muslim should follow to please Allah. A tour of Nuneaton Mosque gave their studies a deeper perspective. They visited the mortuary, or ‘Dead Room’, where bodies are prepared by family members for burial. They also popped into the Mosque School, where about 700 children come every day for two hours after school to learn to read Arabic, learn the Holy Qur’an, and receive instruction about their faith.

It was then on to Coventry Cathedral to participate in the daily Litany of Reconciliation, a simple service focusing on forgiveness, and to visit the ruins of the original cathedral. It was bombed in 1940 but still stands as a reminder of the destruction of war. We noted the way in which the new cathedral was linked to the ruins as a sign of hope and the promise of something good coming out of an event of great sadness.

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