Practice does, after all, make perfect. With lots of rehearsals behind them, the Thornton girls sang their hearts out today. At the Festival this morning, Key Stage 2 girls (Years 3 and 4) wowed the crowds with Earth, Sea & Sky and Roller Ghoster to come in third place.

In the afternoon, Reception and Key Stage 1 children took to the stage with a lively performance of The Dolphin Song. ‘Lovely use of instruments. Good dynamics,’ said the judges. The girls’ actions – dancing, wriggles and knee knocking – to go with their next song, Keep on Dancing, were enough to keep the audience smiling and the judges equally as happy. They awarded the girls first place.  ‘Infectious. We all enjoyed it,’ they commented.

Later on, Years 5 and 6 had their turn with Hallelujah and Joseph’s Coat. The judges said they were ‘excellent’ and awarded them top place, too. What an achievement!


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