Last term there was so much going on musically, that it felt right to go for Gold in the National Sing-Up awards.  We photographed and recorded footage of all the times we came together in song and submitted a lengthy on-line application.

To gain the award, we had to demonstrate that we achieve the following and provide plenty of evidence!

Provides opportunities for the whole school to engage in and enjoy singing

Extends the range and choice of singing opportunities across school life

Commits to the ongoing development of confidence and competence in singing and vocal leadership

Embeds singing in school planning and singing contributes to the achievement of school goals


Some of the evidence:

Singing together at our Harvest Festival

Singing across the curriculum

Opportunity to perform in choirs and productions


The criteria to achieve the Gold Award are split into four areas: Pupils, Staff, SMT and Governors and Whole School Community.


Sing everyday across the curriculum

Are supported to lead singing and vocal work

Practise ways to improve their singing

Sing in a range of ways and styles including creating original music with their voices

Staff (teaching and non-teaching)

Sing weekly, including SMT

More than two staff lead singing at least twice a week and are developing confidence

Identify strategies to extend creative vocal work into the wider curriculum and improve the quality of singing

Singing leaders model and share good vocal practice with colleagues

SMT and Governors

Are involved in the awards process and actively support staff and pupils to develop as singers and vocal leaders

Demonstrate continued whole school support



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